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How to Read Drum Tabs - Symbols

There are numerous different symbols that drummers will use with drumtabs to notate
different parts of the drumset and percussion instruments. Here are many of those variations:

The Most Basic:
B = Bass-Drum
S = Snare-Drum
H = Hi-Hat
C = Cymbal
T = Tom

Drum Variations:
BA = Bass Drum
BD = Bass Drum
B1 = Bass Drum #1
B2 = Bass Drum #2
T1 = Tom 1 (T2 = Tom 2, etc.)
TT = Tom Tom
F = Floor-Tom
FT = Floor Tom

Cymbals and Hi-Hats
RC = Ride Cymbal
CC = Crash Cymbal
SC = Splash Cymbal
OH = Open Hi-Hat
SH = Slightly Open Hi-Hat
CH = Closed Hi-Hat
HF = Hi-Hat (played with foot)

CB = Cow Bell
TA = Tambourine
SH = Shaker
WB = Wood Block
CL = Claves
BE = Bell

Please know that any of these can vary depending on the author. Not all writers of
drumtabs will use the same symbols for the cooresponding instruments.


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